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carefully crafted email campaigns are a powerful way to instantly connect. . .


. . . properly constructed email campaigns are a powerful way to connect with potential customers and to quickly and easily keep existing customers up to date with news, innovations and other happenings within your organisation. It can also be used to drive traffic to your website by delivering special offers and customer incentives and provide instant links back to specific web pages..

We create and design emails that will stand out from the melage of the recipients inbox and encourage that first click. The key is to be brief and to the point. Do not send people essays they will rarely read them and after receiving a few, your email address will be redirected to the junk folder never to be seen again. Provide neat concise headings and include some images for those that have image view turned on; strategically placed so that if turned off, your email still presents information and a call to action not just a broken link.

That said there are some exceptions, long page html emails from multi-national companies and supermarkets together with established journalistic style offerings tend to be accepted although viewers still instantly want to know if there is something of interest. If you not in that category keep your email marketing information concise, work with links rather than long descriptions.

Analytics are a key part of this process. It will be a waste of your time, effort and money to send out email campaigns without being able to measure performance; see what buttons have been clicked, web pages that have been visited and be able to combine and integrate this and other media rich channels to maximise return. Fortunately most email campaign software will provide these facilities. If you just need us to design the visual look and feel leaving you to manage the campaign or handle the whole process, we can help

We are very good at becoming an extension of our Client's own team call 07770 750327 to see how we might help.

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we enjoy what we do, and like to think that all our clients find working with us an enjoyable experience

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