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interactive flash marketing presentations, business communication, prezi and powerpoint presentation in bristol

powerpoint presentation, prezi & business communications

just how important to you is the result of your presentation ? . . .


. . . you have probably heard of the phrase 'death by powerpoint' usually conjured up by memories of interminable presentations with huge blocks of text, dozens of bullet points and more charts than the British Navy - but it doesn't have to be that way.

The whole point of visual aids is to help the audience remember your message, NOT to have them read your speech off the screen.

We understand that presentations are normally a fairly nerve-wracking experience so its really important to feel confident when you step up to present. You've rehearsed your speech to word perfect, put on your smartest business attire, got your glass of water and checked all the equipment - let us help you top out that confidence feeling by providing professional well designed visuals that leave a positive memorable impression with your conference audience.

Applause have been creating professional presentations since the days of 35mm slides (remember them!) and are experienced in producing effective media rich powerpoint and flash presentation marketing tools.

The audience's recall of pictures and sound is much more powerful and messages that contain both will be more effectively remembered, so it is important that your marketing presentation uses these tools to help the audience retain the key points and to provide you with a means of illustrating complex subjects in an informative way.


interactive multimedia marketing presentations

presenting when you can't be there . . .


. . . sometimes a presentation needs to be delivered remotely and although web pages are extensively used for this purpose often there is a need to present offline, or perhaps the subject matter requires high bandwidth media such as video or 3D animation.

By taking text, imagery, video and sound assets Applause can create engaging and immediate interactive multimedia content that will motivate your audience and can be delivered via direct from laptop computers on CD and DVD or online via high bandwidth web streaming.


  • Creative media design
  • Powerpoint templates
  • Powerpoint presentation enhancement
  • CD&DVD authoring
  • Video & audio
  • Interactive Flash media



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we enjoy what we do, and like to think that all our clients find working with us an enjoyable experience

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